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GroovyGig is Quality.

Our goal is to give you a very high quality show at a modest price

We work with each client to plan each show in detail.  We want to understand the agenda for your event, and work with you to select music that will support each phase of your event.  You can assert a great deal of control selecting your music, or you can leave the music selection to us - either way our goal is to make you happy and make your event a success.

We have extensive experience with weddings, anniversaries, class reunions, proms, homecomings, fraternity/sorority parties, and quinceaneras.  Each event is unique, and presents its own challenges and musical tastes; each event is done professionally and exceeds the clients' expectations.  Our ability to adapt to any event and crowd ensures that we will make your event a success.

Our shows are cheerful and professional, but not silly.  We discuss the announcements that you need before the show begins, and we present them tastefully.  We like humor, however we don't want to detract from your special occasion by excess talking - and we never stray into inappropriate or off-color topics.

Our music is also of highest quality.  We only play radio-edit songs, and all music in our library has been purchased - not downloaded.  We have over 17,000 songs in our library, and we bring complete printed listings (one sorted by song title and one sorted by artist) to aid guests in selecting requests during the show.  Please click here to view our music catalog.

Finally, we use only professional equipment that is neatly racked, with a minimum of stray cords exposed to view.  We have more than enough "horsepower" to satisfy large crowds of dancers, however we are mature enough not to turn the music up too loud when people would prefer to talk.  Our equipment is a tool to provide the perfect atmosphere for your event - not a teenager's toy that will annoy your guests!

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